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blog post Rewrite educational number one - How to Create a Discord Bot With Python
hiya guys and welcome to the first. discord rewrite academic on my channel. simply to make thiis clear really soon. discord rewrite is the new edition of. discord pie if you have heard of that so. if you men already have discord on PI. set up please make sure you watch. this whole video due to the fact installing. discord rewrite is one-of-a-kind and the. syntax is exclusive and that is we are. gonna be using any more so. truly what we're gonna be doing. and what I'm gonna do during this academic. is I'm first gonna show you the bots. that we're gonna work to create and I'll. do that in only a moment once I get. via type of this intro stuff and. then we are gonna be constructing our. marshmellow bot discord or environment our discord server. so that we will connect a bot to that and. then we will write a few code for that. BOTS and get interacting with users so.
Near the end of the video we are going to be. writing just a little code that'll in basic terms be. like two or three mins simply to make. sure everything's operating do it the rest. of the video we're gonna be placing. everything up and it actually is amazingly a. few steps to to set this up so please if. you don't have already got your environment. mounted and you don't have a discord bog. connected please ensure you watched. the entire video because I know I'm. gonna get tons of questions asking why. matters didn't paintings and i am gonna have to. ask you if you watch the video and if. you say no I'm just gonna direct you to. watch it lower back so in case you men have any. questions and you believe you studied the complete. thing you can obviously good contact me. on discord on my discord server otherwise you. can leave a remark down less than yet i am. prone to answer you if you wish.
Discord because I assess that extra often. okay. so i assume let's get started so. clearly I'm gonna use pine attraction and. and econo to try this now in case you already. have it mounted with IDL e that is simply. lower back just like the default set up that is. first-rate you need to use that the code is gonna. be exactly the same but for my purpose i am. going to apply PI allure an anaconda so if. you don't use that i am now not gonna promise. that it's gonna work now definitely we. want a discord server so i've my. specific discord server and you will discover I. have already got a bot kind of entering into here. so I will show you quickly i am in fact. just gonna run my bot I gotta open it up. here i'll show you what it seems like. when it's actually going for walks and on the. server so that you men type of get an idea. so simply pick Python um YouTube and. discord up I open that up and then we.

Can just run our bots through just clicking. this little run icon and now you should. see that we have got purchased and it shows a. little Tim bot that's on-line now. I desire to see a catalogue of instructions I do. Tim god assist after which it just goes. through type of all the instructions as i've. established and you may obviously add extra. that is simply me like messing round with. it for an hour i will assess my quantity of. messages and it's tim dot i underscore. messages to work out how many messages i have. sent within the server considering that i've set the. baud up so 33 if I desire to see the top. users at the server it must be me. it'll simply say who has the foremost amount. of messages yeah so I have 34 messages. after which we can be just like the server stats. so server stats like that and says clients. messages days recorded and then common. messages per day and we are actually.
Going to go through and doubtless like. graph this data do some cool. stuff with this so these are the.

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