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How To apply MEE6 | MEE6 Discord Bot tutorial & Guide
Hello all people welcome back to another. video so you might be confused why i am. making another music video well. sincerely in my original song video. which correctly did pretty well thank you. guys for looking that it was sincerely. simply how to put in musics and put it on. on your disk receiver and the way to set it. up thoroughly I asked in that video in case you. desire to uncover me to do a follow up in which. i will pass more indepth a bit of more. indepth a minimum of to all the individual. functions of me six and a pair you mentioned. convinced but sincerely what the reason why I. desire to do this is because some of you. asked about certain things in music like. good day how do you you know welcome persons. or how do you try this so rather than like. answering all these questions all those. reviews separately I figured ok. good i would in addition do just the comply with.
Up video the extra indepth to me six. aid i assume let's just get into it so. to get in your yet essentially um your. first thing you must do is when you've got. no notion what me six is watch my long-established. video first if you do not know the way to. even get me sticks onto your server i am. utilizing this educational server i've already. attempted to playing around with it I. have already got me six on this and also you. ought to too in case you watch my fashioned. video if that's the 1st video you are. watching about me six you ought to watch. the other video first i am gonna hyperlink in. the description it's called like the way to. install or setup musics just in the. yoyo so just look for that and when you. get it onto your cert onto your server. then go back to this one and I'll show. you all the cool things you can do with. it first you must do is go to me six.
X Y Z or X Y Z and then you wanna you. desire to log in click on authorize so once. you are right here please choose the server i am. gonna do the academic server and also you. must be accustomed to this display screen if. you believe you studied my fashioned video or in case you. used me six earlier than so first of all you could. in fact see that there are three. features that you can't use except you. you know go for top class which you understand. they i do not believe they are really needed. like for this one you could list your. your conversations i assume if you are. in a voice channel in your server which. is highly cool into aa nice mp3 file yet. you know you can simply find aa third occasion. program to try this or just use like OBS. after which put into your editor and delete. the video dossier after which export it as an. mp3 this one is just like a video game like a. music quiz like trivia so I do not know.

If you really need that and this one you. can pay attention the track directly on this. chord yet you may already try this with. an additional video I made which did certainly. well rhythm BOTS that is loose that's. brilliant so I don't certainly assume you. need those yet that is why they're. top class i assume though so very first thing is. customized instructions now this may appear like. bigger than it is like oh you are able to do. custom commands you should the way to. code no but basically all it's is simply. you you type in a command call appear as if. for this one i've exclamation factor. rules and the bot will like respond and. respond for with you know whatever you. favor like you are able to do like rule so be. nice number two do not be rude or do all. your guidelines right and anyone can well you. could make any individual type enact rules you. could make it in order that the bot the bot you.
comprehend simply responds in the within the chat or. you may send them a private message or. you may make it. random which essentially you could you c

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