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How to play Pokemon in Discord - finest Discord Bot(PokeMeow)
Yo what is going on every person it's your. well known asian kc and we are again with. one more youtube video today. and as you guys can see from the name i. will be showing you the way to play pokemon. in a discord server i'm going to show. you ways to invite the discord bot to. your server and ii'm going to show you. men the way to play the game. before we get started with cutting-edge video. make sure you guys drop a like comment. down below. subscribe it would really mean a lot to. me and with out further ado. let's get started o.k. guys so the. very first thing you must do is go on. google or move on an internet browser. and what you're going to sort in at the. very proper you're going to type in pokey. meow so actually like that pokey and. then meow like a cat meow. calm it may just be similar to that. i'll also have the hyperlink in the. description lower than.
It will be the 1st link at the end so. once you're on the web site it is fantastically. easy already. uh there is not genuinely not much on it it. should just be commands wiki vote now. after which the button invites the server. all you must do is make sure. obviously you need to have a discord. server. okay and then you are going to click on. the button here that asserts invite. to server you are going to pull up the. screen. uh it'll ask you it truly is your account. and then you upload the. bot to the server that you select so. whatsoever server that you've. you just click uh you click it and. then you definately click on hold and add blah. blah. and that that basically should be i. already have mine further to mine already. so i am not likely to do it lower back. uh but yeah so it is the way you upload it to. your server and let me show you men how.

To play. okay guys so now we're on discord. after you have the bot invited everything. should be all. set and ready and likewise in case you guys prefer. to paintings for every channel just ensure. you men have the bot. enabled and confirm it has permission. by means of just going to the settings and. permission blah blah simply ensure it. has permissions. so right here this is my discord we. in fact made a faq part here. i'm gonna move forward and read it for you. men. so how do you begin you start via. the command semicolon pokemon. or you may do just semicolon p for short. uh after which it is going to sign up you and. make your account. and profile i don't have an example of. what it should seem like yet it will pop. up and just be right there on your. display screen. after which once you have your account. created you only do the same factor.
discord bot developer . to spawn and catch pokemons so when you. have your account. and profile created like i said you do. an analogous command. semicolon p it should spawn a pokemon. randomly it is all randomized. there's no thanks to have a specific. pokemon. spawn it's actually all randomized it is. rng so you kind semicolon p. and a pokemon will spawn like i pronounced. right here a wild pokemon seemed. casey found a wild diglett and so you. know the way to capture that it will show. you here. above it's going to say type any of the. pokeball extremely ball best ball or. mashable to trap it it will. show you what pokeballs you've and. additionally a rookie mistake many people. event after they first commence. is if they take too long comic story a. good friend of mine. in fact bumped into a sparkly pokemon and if. you guys didn't be aware of .

a shiny is without doubt one of the rarest element to. catch at the server and he panicked and. took so. long that it fled away like here. it sa

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